Saturday, 25 February 2012

outstanding in the field

Outstanding in the field aims to re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to highlight the local farmers who cultivate it. The business is a roving culinary adventure - literally a restaurant without walls. Long tables are set up in farms, gardens, on mountain tops, islands, in ranches, wineries, or barns. 

Wherever the location, the consistent theme of each dinner is to respect the people whose good work brings food to the table. Ingredients for the meal are almost all local and generally prepared by a celebrated chef of the region. More information can be found here.


Glamour Drops said...

I'm all for this concept! Locally sourced products - yay!

Gild and Grace said...

These long tables are perfect! Great post Sasha. Hope you've had a lovely weekend :)

Abbey x

Melissah said...

Just discovered your lovely blog incorporating 2 of favourite passions design and food. I have enjoyed myself going through your old posts and I look forward to popping back for some more inspiration. I have just signed up as your latest follower!
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